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Decentralized Storage,
Simple interface to upload and retrieve files.
Securely share your important files.
Preserve important datasets for the long term.
Effortlessly store and organize your online content.
Safeguard AI and Machine Learning data.
Simple interface to upload and retrieve files.
Our user interface is thoughtfully designed to streamline file management, ensuring an easy and intuitive experience for uploading and retrieving your data.

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Multiple replications
Create multiple drives
Encrypted files
Secure sharing
All upcoming features included


Unlock all Premium features and scale storage for enterprise-level solutions.
All features on premium
1 TB Above

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At the heart of our services lies the latest and most powerful technology. We leverage state-of-the-art tools to bring you seamless, efficient, and future-proof solutions. Embrace the best that technology has to offer with us.

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We believe in the strength of collaboration. Meet our esteemed partners who help us push boundaries and deliver exceptional solutions. Together, we create endless opportunities for success.

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